Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What About a Gay Tax for Higher Health Care Costs

No,, I'm not a hater, nor am I a homophobe, I am however, a thinker. Our illustrious leaders, the ones who campaigned on "not 1 dime more in taxes for anyone making under $250,000.00", have added a dollar sales tax to cigarettes, and they are talking about higher "unhealthy" or "junk food" taxes for overweight people, among many other taxes that seem to be an affliction to the less fortunate. All these taxes are supposedly to curb the use of said items and therefore make folks healthier. The taxes would be used to help defray the increased costs of health care for the folks that decided to continue their use.

All that being said, why not a Gay sex tax. Or a tax on items, whatever they may be, sold to gay people for use during gay sex. Look, if cigarettes and junk food cause higher health care costs because of cancer, emphysema, obesity, heart disease, just to mention a few, and more gay lovers or gay sex participants have HIV Aids, according to statistics, it only stand to reason that they should be taxed for their risky sexual habits.

My point here is that if you are going to tax bad behavior that causes higher health risks, why stop at cigarettes and junk food? Why not really go for the gusto? Let's tax motorcycle riders for their leather clothing and boots and helmets and motorcycles. Let's tax race car drivers for the things they use, proportionately, according to the speed of the cars they drive and the danger of the tracks they use.
Hey, here's and idea, how about taxing jobs according to danger or health risk. Firemen and police would pay a higher tax than a waitress, truck drivers would pay more than a secretary, and so on. A teacher would obviously pay a higher tax because they are consistently being exposed to colds, flu, and many other viral infections carried by grimy, dirty, stinky, school children who, for some reason refuse to cover their mouths when they cough and/or wash their hands periodically.

Do you see the point America? Can you see how ridiculous it is to think that behavior modification can happen through taxation. Obviously, some smokers will stop smoking because of higher taxes but do seriously believe that a .03-.10 tax on a can of soda pop is going to make a difference in who drinks a soda? This is all about revenue and control. The more revenue they, the government bureaucrats, can steal from you, the more they can control you by telling you what to do, how and when to do it and what you can do it with.

Our federal government, and in many cases, state and local governments are out of control, in the form of taking control of everything in our lives. We must tell them, every chance we get, to get the hell out of our lives. We must start now, taking control away from them, leaving them the enumerated powers that are defined in the constitution. Build infrastructure and protect the American citizens from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Our problem though, is that our enemies, both foreign and domestic have weaseled their ways into our government. We must use our voices by not supporting either party, financially or otherwise. We must vote out every incumbent and support only those candidates that support our views. Those are the views of the Founding Fathers.
The 9 principles and 12 values that have made this country such a fantastic, strong, incredibly opportunistic place to live.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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Great points, massively politically incorrect and awesome. Great blog, read mine if you don't mind, I think you will like it!