Friday, March 12, 2010

Is the Health care Bill a Suicide Vest?

Okay, so here’s the scenario. Barack Obama is the leader, Osama Bin Laden. Nancy Pelosi is Ayman al-Zawahir and Harry Reid is Abu Yazid, Al Qaida’s number 3 man. The 435 House of Representative members and the 100 Senators are all their minions, the suicide bombers and the 2700 page health care bill that is on the table is the suicide vest meant to steal liberties, and reek financial ruin throughout America while leaving the masses stunned and dumb founded . The 72 virgins are being represented by the power and or job that each of the minions is being promised in exchange for the vote or strapping on the vest.

So the leaders, the ones who are pretty safe at this point are all standing at point telling the minions, it’s for you country, it’s for your party, it’s for the poor, the wretched, the downtrodden, the children. We’ve got your back, we’ll see to it that you and your family are cared for in the end. The voters will forget by November. Just strap on the vest run in there and carry it across the line for us.

We the people know what will happen if the vote yes. We know we won’t forget. We know that some, most of us will survive regardless. We know that many will be hurt. Many of the ones that get hurt will be those that can least afford to be hurt. We’re screaming at the suicide bombers, don’t do it, do strap the vest on, don’t you dare strike out at America in favor of your party politics.

They continue to listen, most of them, to their party leaders, Osama, Zawahir and Yazid. They keep suiting up, strapping on the vest, and right now it appears that they are headed for town square to hurt and maim as many Americans as possible. All in the hopes of more virgins or in this case more power or a job with the administration after the November elections.

In the end, if the bill passes, all 435 jobs of the House of Representatives and 30+ Senators are in trouble. Two of the three leaders are without a doubt secure in their positions and the third, if he loses his Senate seat, will be placed among the other appointed leaders in the administration. I just wonder if it will be worth answering to the true supreme leader when the time comes for them.

Who, who will or will anyone be able to stop the “hell bent on destroying America” suicide bombers. What else can we do to make a final stand? I feel as if we need to make a final march on D.C. the week of the 22nd. I can’t be there before then, but if anyone is willing to go with me, I am in the planning stages now to make that trip if the bill doesn’t pass by the 19th.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It Was Funny “till an Eye Got Put Out”

I remember one time when I was young, my younger brother and I and a few neighbors were having a Bottle rocket war. We were aiming and shooting bottle rockets at each other and having a blast, no pun intended. My mother came out and after a few choice words she demanded we stop shooting bottle rockets at each other before someone got an eye put out. We complied, it was that or suffer the consequences, and I don’t mean standing in a corner for 10 minutes with no toys. Our consequences were real and showed real results.

The next day, mothers at work, we decided to have a BB gun fight. Now, most men my age have done this. That isn’t to say it was smart but we were all John Wayne wanna be’s at one time. About 30 minutes or so into the fight someone got hit, near the eye. It’s been so long ago now, I don‘t even remember who, but the BB was actually embedded into the skin and we had to remove it before our mothers got home from work. No doctors, no Emergency room, no DCFS worker arresting anyone and taking us to a foster home, none of that, but it was fun until an eye nearly got put out.

The best I can tell, there may have been two similar incidents over the weekend. The first one I’ll mention is Carl Edwards in NASCAR purposely wrecking Brad Keselowski after Keselowski seemingly caused Edwards to wreck and destroy an otherwise good chance at a win. Edwards, after his team repaired his ride well enough to get back onto the track and finish the race, purposely waited until Keselowski got near him and without thinking of all the possible outcomes, bumped Keselowski in the left rear ¼ panel area, Keselowski went air born and came down on the driver’s side roof area. Potentially, a very dangerous way to land, luckily, a safe landing and probably a good lesson learned for Keselowski. Now, right or wrong, Edwards couldn’t have known the outcome of his actions, but at 195 mph, anything can happen. It’s kinda like shooting at you neighbors with a BB gun. Somebody is gonna get an eye put out if the horseplay continues.

The second incident involves Congressman Massa from New York. Massa was all about playing the political games, switching parties, giving and getting what he wanted or needed until he was poked in or near the eye. Now I don’t have any idea what happened as far as his votes or his sexual innuendos towards male staffers, or whatever, but my guess is that both sides were playing pretty rough. It certainly appears, on the surface that when he nearly got his eye put out, the game was no longer fun. It was funny ‘till an eye got put out.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow