Thursday, July 9, 2009

Congress...Lawmakers, or Powerless Pawns of Misdirection?

To date, at the writing of this post, our power hungry President has appointed 31 Czars. As close as I can figure, we have about 2 Czars for every cabinet position. Folks, this is truly scary. A Czar, in American Government, undergoes no Senate confirmation hearings, answers to no-one except the President, and is not subject to any congressional hearings or oversight.

At this point we have Czars for all the following:

1) Middle-East Peace Czar-George Mitchell
2) Car Czar-Ed Montgomery
3) Tarp Czar-Herb Allison
4) Regulatory Czar-Cass Sunstein
5) Technology Czar-Aneesh Chopra
6) Economic Czar-Paul Voelker
7) Terrorism Czar-Gary Samore
8) Pay Czar-Kenneth Feinberg
9) Housing Czar-Adolfo Carrion
10)Information Czar-Vivek Kundra
11)Green Jobs Czar-Van Jones
12)Climate Czar-Todd Stern
13)Energy Czar-Carol M. Browner
14)Great lakes Czar-Cameron Davis
15)Guantanamo Closing Czar-Danny Fried
16)Sudan Czar-Scott Gration
17)Science Czar-John Holdren
18)Health Care Czar-Nancy-Ann DeParle
19)Drug Czar-Gil Kerlikowske
20)Faith Based Czar-Joshua Dubois
21)Intelligence Czar-Admiral Dennis Blair
22)Afghanistan Czar-Richard Holbrooke
23)A.I.D.S. Czar-Jeffrey Crowley
24)Mideast Policy Czar-Dennis Ross
25)Border Czar-Alan Bersin
26)Stimulus Accountability Czar-Earl Devaney

The President has named, though not appointed yet:

27)Cyberspace Czar
28)Mortgage Czar
29)Copyright Czar
30)Iran Czar
31)Education Czar

My point is this...looking at the list above, what power does Congress, The Senate and the House of Reps., really have? I mean power that can't be usurped by a "Czar". Remember, a Czar has no oversight and answers to no-one except the President.

So, the House and Senate pass a bill, the Czar, whose power that bill encroaches, ignores the bill and continues to do as told by the President. Congress calls for oversight hearings. Oops, sorry, no oversight hearings for Czars. Executive Privilege is claimed and Congress in overridden. The case goes to the Supreme Court and obviously, the court upholds the Presidents wish as they generally rule with the sitting administration in cases like this.

Now, for the "Powerless Pawns of Misdirection" Question. It is my belief that Congress is being used simply to misdirect our anger. We get so angry at The House Reps and Senators that we forget about the people really running things, making policy and carrying out the orders of the King, I mean the Messiah, nope, darn it, I mean the President. So, has our anger been misdirected?

Now, Is Washington D.C. a city of Lawmakers or Powerless Pawns of Misdirection?

Wake up people, our Constitution is literally being run through a shredder right directly into the fire pit. Not only is Congress' power being undermined but WE THE PEOPLE are being diminished at every tick of the clock. Please, Please, Please, join the 9-12ers, The Tea Party Patriots, the NRA, and any other group you can think of. Call your Senators and House Reps and tell them what you think, what you want, and what you DEMAND as a part of WE THE PEOPLE!!!

Call 202-224-3121, give the operator your zip code, tell them you want your House Reps office and your Senators offices and tell them the country is headed in the wrong direction. Talk to you friends and have them call. Scream, scream at the top of your lungs and wake up the neighbors. We are in serious trouble in this country folks, and if we don't wake up it's going to be too late.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow