Monday, August 31, 2009

9/11, a day of Service? "O" says so!

Obama has, with the stroke of a pen, made Sept 11 a day of service...with the signing of the "Edward M. Kennedy, Serve America Act". Let's let this lying, liberal lowlife know that as Patriotic Americans, we will ALWAYS remember this as a day of mourning and a day of remembrance for those who died that horrific day. Let this liar know that he can't rewrite history, We The People just will not allow that to happen. Please help in this way...

September 11th, 2009

We have a less than two weeks and counting to get the word out all across this great land and into every community in the United States of America.
On Friday, September 11th, 2009, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States. Every individual should make it
their duty to display an American flag on this eighth anniversary of one of our country's worst tragedies. We do this to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms.

In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism.
Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through
some tough times and it shouldn't take another attack to galvanize us in
solidarity. Our American flag is the fabric of our country and together we can
prevail over terrorism of all kinds
Action Plan:
So, here's what we need you to do .
(1) Forward this email to everyone you know (at least 11 people). Take a moment to think back to how you felt on 9/11 and let those
sentiments guide you.
(2) Fly an American flag of any size on 9/11. Honestly, Americans should fly the flag year-round,
but if you don't, then at least make it a priority on this day.
If you forward this email to least 11 people and each of those people do the same ... you get the
Thank you for your participation. God Bless You and God Bless America!
This is from your friendly 912 truck driver or the America's Alarm Clock. Please help if you can. If you can't, please spend that day in prayer for those who died that horrible day.

Art Wayland

In GOD I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

America is Coming to Life

I had planned to take this opportunity to blast Ted Kennedy for all that he had done to destroy America but my parents told me not to talk bad about the deceased. If you can't say anything nice to say anything at all concerning them. Well, guess what, I just can't think of anything He done to promote the American way of life and/or the American form of Government the way our founders meant for us all, so suffice to say, I think he was probably a good father and grandfather to his offspring.

That being said, Saturday was truly a great day for Tina and I. As you know, if you follow my other blog at 912 Truck, we travel the United States in an 18 wheeler, wrapped in a vinyl wrap and designed to promote the 9-12 project. We meet and speak with a lot of people across this great nation. Our goal, when we decorated our truck this way, was to promote and raise awareness to the idea that we are not alone, we are one as long as we are united and to bring us back to the feeling we all had on 9-12. That feeling of unity, that feeling of...NO-ONE ATTACKS AMERICA and gets away with such an act of terror. We can fight amongst ourselves but don't you come in from outside the family and attack us this way. I won't go so far as to believe all of America is awake but I will say that She is coming alive. As we travel we pass out pocket constitutions, copies of Glenn Beck's "Common Sense" and a lot of information, confirmed truths, about our government and what that they are doing to destroy our nation and our Democratic Replublic form of government. We are promoting the Taxpayer revolt on DC on September 12, 2009, by passing out information on that event and the response to that has been amazing.

So why was Saturday, the 29th, such a great day? We made contact with a fantastic young man, a candidate for office in the 4th congressional district, for the United States House of Representatives. R.J. Harris is a true Patriot. R.J. is a two time Iraq War vet, a Husband and Father of Five, O.U. graduate in philosophy, O.U. 2nd year law student and a Republican 9-12 candidate. While I don't personally plan to work for any one campaign, I do plan to support those candidates who I believe propagate the 9 Principles and 12 Values by the way they live their lives. R.J., as far as I can tell at this point, is just such a candidate. R.J. and his campaign manager, Jonathan, came to a truck stop where we had to stop at for fuel and met with Tina and I for about an hour.
R.J. Harris, and his campaign manager, took the time to sign the truck in support of the 9 principles and 12 Values and in support of the mission Tina and I have undertaken.

Candidate Harris took the time, while visiting with us, to visit with some other drivers and let them know about What is happening in America and what He plans to do to help turn things in the right direction. He took some time to learn of some of the issues and concerns that we, as drivers have with the industry and our government as a whole.

As we were preparing to go our separate ways, Mr. Harris asked Tina to come and stand next to him. As she stood beside him, Mr. Harris pulled a coin from his pocket and began to explain the tradition of militray coins or "Commander Coins" and handed Tina a U.S. Minted Silver American Eagle Coin. This is the story R.J. told,as I understand it. If I have obliterated this story please correct me by email and I will make the necessary corrections here. My appologies in advance if I did so. R.J
The giving of a “recognition coin” is a tradition long ingrained in military heritage. Known as a “commander” or “challenge” coin, the military used the coins to salute outstanding performance and acknowledge meritorious achievements. The recognition by a coin in the military dates back to the Boer War at the turn of the 20th century when deserving officers were decorated through the giving of a new sixpence, delivered with a handshake.

The modern-day tradition of the military commander coin began in the Vietnam era. It was during this war that the military began to use specially-minted coins, reflecting specific unit emblems or seals, to promote character and pride amongst the units’ officers.

R. J. continues his explanation of the tradition. In parting, I would just like to thank R.J. and his campaign manager, Jonathan, for taking the time to meet with us and learn of some of our concerns and find out more about our mission. Thanks to a couple of Great American Patriots. R.J. Harris is playing a large roll to STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA.

Finally, My guess, is that anything I decide to give Tina from this point forward will be dwarfed in meaning by the meaning that this coin has to her. She has since stared at, handled, and does cherish such an amazing token given by such an amazing do I.

We have launched into a couple of apparel stores so that all can show their support of our mission, and the 912 Project. Click here to show your support, or go to For those of you that would rather have a hat or mug you we have another outlet at Truck
Thanks for your support.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Glenn's on Vacation...Really?

al bundy Pictures, Images and PhotosI want you to understand that I have unearthed something very disturbing. Please take a moment and look at the two pictures above. The one on the top is Todd Davis, from Life Lock, or so he says. The one on the bottom, we all know as Al Bundy. There is no question in my mind about the identity of Mr. Bundy. We grew up faithfully supporting this shoe salesman turned NO MA'AM founder/activist(National Association of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood). We know Al Bundy.

This is my amazing discovery. My contention is that Todd Davis, Life Lock Founder, is actually a re-invented, re-focused, Al Bundy. I believe that while Glenn was doing his research on Life Lock, before he took them on as a sponsor/advertiser on the program, he found that these two men were one in the same and that Al Bundy, AKA Todd Davis and hereafter referred to as such has kidnapped Glenn to keep him quiet.

After Glenn's unsettling discovery, he went to Davis with his findings and confronted the chameleon. You see Davis had turned from selling shoes and political activism to "identity hawk". You'll see, as you read on, "identity hawk" is not a good thing with Mr. Davis at the helm. Davis' true colors follow.

Davis(Bundy), after the Married with Children cancellation, had to find a source of income. He came up with an amazing plan/skam to rule the earth. He remembered a saying he once heard. "He who controls the money, controls the earth". He found a way to do both. Davis went on a mission, studying the ins and outs of credit, credit reporting agencies, banks, information technology and identity thieves. he studied for years about how these thieves were caught, where they went wrong, and what he could do to prevent the same finality.

After many years of study, Bundy applied for another ss# under the name/identity of Todd Davis. He proceeded to promote that number as his ss# and started building a company that was to protect identity theft through the installation of credit blocks, etc. in the credit reporting agencies. He has earned a trust, with his clients, unmatched by the competition. Davis has been slow but methodical with his endeavor and eventual take over.

Glenn, through his relentless research of his sponsors, found this plot and exposed Davis, only to Davis, at this point. Davis had too much time and energy and way too many identities at risk to allow Beck to do a nation wide expose'. Davis kidnapped Beck and has him hidden away in a safe secure location, just like all our identities. After Davis' takeover, it just won't matter anymore, "He who controls the money, controls the world". Davis has several million clients, with hundreds of billions of dollars in credit at stake, he can't possibly allow Beck to get in his way.

It is believed, by this writer, that Davis allowed Beck to hire, train, and place Pat Gray, a long time, close friend of Beck, so that there would be a smooth transition during Beck's absence. It is understood that Beck will be pronounced to have been placed in the loony bin by this administration and that Gray will continue the show in Beck's absence. Beck will never return, Beck will be exterminated and no-one will know any better. Well, no-one but Davis, and I. You see, even Gray, Stu, Dan, Sarah, all the show personnel, his wife, and children will all believe that the government has Beck in an internment camp being repatriated, in actuality, there is no more Glenn Beck.

I ask you to read this tongue in cheek. I needed a break from real stories, from health care burnout, the same old news stories that have dominated the 24 hour news cycle. I am a supporter of and client of Todd Davis' LifeLock Company. I have been a member for several years and choose to remain so. I hope Mr. Davis and Glenn Beck don't take offense to my using their names and personalities in a tale of imagination. I suppose if they decide they don't like it though, they can sue me. You can't get blood from a turnip. Besides, maybe if they sue me, I can get a bailout from the government.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

Friday, August 14, 2009

We're in The Corner and They Need to Quit Poking

I just don't know why people can't leave well enough alone. Do you remember, growing up, fighting with your brother, you sister or even a friend? You mother or Dad would tell you, yeah, keep it up, it's funny 'till someone gets an eye put out. That's how I feel now. The House Reps., the Senators, and "O" and his goons or thugs, just continue to poke. Poke, poke, poke. Someone needs to tell them, their proverbial eye is on the line here. Their eye being their seat in congress, or their place at the head of the table.

I'll attempt to answer my own question. I contend that they are wanting or looking for something bad to come out of the poking and prodding. What I think they want is for some lunatic to go off. Someone to do something really stupid and off the wall. I won't even make suggestions as to what those crazy or stupid things might be but I think you get the picture. I believe they want that so that they can take the control that they have always wanted. Oh, they'll say they don't want to but that they must. It's for the safety of the country, the children, they'll say, it will be the right and patriotic thing. Like the Patriot Act, it was, for everybody's own good.

I also believe, what they don't understand, is the fact that we are smarter than that. We aren't the left wing loons that they are used to having protest. We are the level headed folks that will absolutely rat out anybody and everybody that we know who even suggests such an act. I think they are prodding, pushing buttons, poking at folks who understand them, far better than they will ever understand, We The People.

I have been so enthused by the outpouring of participation, loud, noisy, sometimes even rude, participation during this congressional recess. I really wish that the protests would be somewhat more civil while the proponents of health care are speaking, to allow free speach to everyone, but I also know that our passion, our anger, and our emotions, are heartfelt and it is very hard, next to impossible, to withhold that passion. I am also very proud of those that have been confronted by the SEIU goons and ACORN zombies. Most, though not all, have had their say and moved on to greener pasture. I know how hard it is to keep you cool, but all have done a great job so far. As a mater of fact, the only violence I have seen, has been when the SEIU thugs pushed around the guy in St. Louis. What a bunch of low life punks.

Anyway, My point is this. Back in April, I posted about what was next, would we keep pouring on the heat to these turncoat politicians after the April 15th rallies or would we diminish to a splattering of a few hundred nut jobs and fade into oblivion. I believe my question was answered. My wish has come true. Not only have we kept up the heat, we have turned it up several notches and added a flame thrower or two. I am so excited about what is happening and what is going to happen in D.C. with the 912 Taxpayer Revolt, I can hardly contain myself. In the words of Chris Mathews "it sends a tingling feeling up my leg". Well, not quite like he had but you get the drift. Anyway, Keep up the heat, We, my wife and I are certainly out here spreading the word up and down the road about the March on D.C on the 12th of September, '09 and the 912 project. See you all in D.C.

In Closing, Mr. and Ms. Politician, thug, Czar, and President, this is true passion, from all walks of American life, in all corners of the country, rich, poor and "Middle Class". These are your voters, your constituency, the people you see reflected in the polls. You know, the polls that you depended so much upon during your campaign for "Hope" and "Change". The polls that now that you are in office you don't put much stock into, because it isn't a true reflection of how America feels. I have news for you folks, the polls indicate EXACTLY how America feels, and you would do yourself well to be admonished by said polls and quit poking at a disgruntled, injured America. We The People will only be poked and prodded, pushed into a corner for so long. Your time is up!!!!!

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Allow Me To Introduce Myself
I was talking to my old friend Ken Worth the other day and he asked if I would be willing to write a piece for his blog occasionally. I was honored by the request and promptly said yes. Ken and I have been friends for over 30 years thru good times and bad, health and illness, failed relationships, family tragedies, many jobs, wrecked cars, wrecked trucks, wrecked motorcycles, ( in case you haven't gotten the picture, we wrecked a lot of stuff). We often look at each other and wonder how we survived our younger years, to say that we here today because of more than a few cases of divine intervention is fact not speculation.
Both of us come from families that worked hard and sacrificed to provide for us and our sibblings, and tought us Traditional American Values. We ourselves have been working since we were teenagers. We have made many mistakes in our lives and have always accepted the consequences of our actions. As we have grown older (and sometimes wiser) we have become more and more aware of the train wreck that our government has become. We realize that something has to be done to save the republic our founders established, the country we grew up in, the legacy we want to leave to our posterity.
We have entrusted one of our most beloved assets to a group of the most scurrilous bastards ever assembled, they are incompetent, irresponsible, arrogant, immoral, liars, cheats, thieves, perverts, etc., I don't believe I could think of any derogatory term that does not apply to at least one of them.
We have failed as responsible citizens by allowing this kind of riff raff to achieve the status they have. It is now our responsibility to correct this mistake. I'm mad as hell that we must take time out of our busy lives to oversee the elected officials that were supposed to be looking out for us, but we must.
We must all make our voices heard loud and clear! Put your representatives and senators in contacts in your cell phone and call them regularly. Put them in your email adress book and email them regularly. Go to town hall meetings, Tea parties, meetup groups with fellow patriots, constitutional study groups, write a letter to the editor, talk to your family, your friends, your children. We must all find our voice and do what we can to guide this great country back to the foundation it was built on.
As we speak out just remember there will be those that provoke, demean and perhaps even threaten us, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM, do not even acknowledge them. Be polite, be courtious but be firm, you have the God given right for your voice to be heard. Spend some time thinking about what you want to say and how you want to say it, speak intellegently, speak confidently, BUT BY ALL MEANS SPEAK OUT !!!!!!!
In God I Trust
Colon Ampersand

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Manufactured Anger", Ya Think?

When you manufacture something, is it not also, "making something? If you followed me to that conclusion, then why not to this one? When the lying, cheating, thieving, conniving, hate spewing politicians in Washington, D.C. continue their walk down the road to tyranny, why would that NOT "make us angry"?

Nancy Pelosi calls it an "astroturf" movement, cites "they're carrying swastikas".

Barbara Boxer
, being the dim witted senator she is, says she " saw clips of people [storming] town hall meetings. The last time I saw [well dressed people] doing this was whel Al GOre asked me to go to Florida when they were recounting the ballots, I was confronted with the [same type of people]. This is all organized, this is planned to hurt our president, to change congress". By the way, I had planned on showing some respect to senator Boxer, but she prefers to be referred to as senator so, so be it. Personally, if I were a Senator, I would prefer "sir" or "mr", I consider the terms "senator" and Congressman" the lowest of low references in today's Washington, D.C. climate. As you wish thou, "Senator Boxer".

Rep Brad Miller(D-NC) 08/05/09
Canipe explained that Miller had no plans for a town hall before and won't be holding any now, due to this event and the examples he's already seen from the around the country: "Our point is, we're not gonna be bullied into having a town hall so it can then be interrupted by the fake grassroots folks."

There are many more quotes, many more references to "manufactured anger", but I think you get the point.

Nobody ever mentions, when speaking of "organized" groups or mobs, how "O" had people who came to his gatherings, when he was still a candidate, give names, numbers, and email addresses to the "organizers" so that he or his mobsters could let everyone know where to be and when to be there for different meetings, for fund raising, for whatever he wanted them there for. Nobody mentions the bussed in acorn goons that went to the store front of AIG to protest. That wasn't "organized" now was it? What about the thugs in Tampa the other evening ripping another guys shirt off, what about the dirt bag SEIU members in St. Louis, beating the heck out of a black man for distributing the wrong kind of merchandise? None of this was "organized? was it?

What the people know, and won't admit, is that we are the majority. Unorganized, unaffiliated, unattached to any real "organization" or group bu certainly UNWILLING to have a health care overhaul jammed down our collective throats.

I find it very funny when driving along thinking about Nancy Pelosi, Babs boxer, Harry Reid and the rest of all the ilk in D.C. cowering in a corner, together, scared, because they know they are screwing up, but they aren't sure if they can ram all their policies through before Nov. 2010. They kn ow we're coming, they know we are relentless, they know they are done screwing up our lives.

Keep up the great work fellow patriots, be polite but firm. Let them have their say, but let them know, that you know, they are liars. ALL of them. We know the "Blue Dogs" are only "Blue Dogs" until they get what they want in the various bills. We know the Republicans are only "Conservatives" until they are wooed by the powers that are, or the thugs at the top.

Remember, they are all liars, they say what they want you to hear. The republicans have jumped on our "conservative movement" to save their asses from ousting in 2010. Don't let them get away with it, go in well versed on each of their voting records for the last 4-6 years, and lambaste them with their own records.

In Closing, God Bless America. Please pray for us, out here in the truck. There is a lot of hatred, but a lot more people every day who align with our thoughts. This 2010 election cycle is the most important in our lives. Let's do it right.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow