Friday, July 30, 2010

Who is this Guy, I Don't Think Even He Knows.

I was roaming around a bit ago on the net and found a couple of posts from the same guy that are so diametrically opposed to one another you'd think they came from two different people.

I can't figure out how this guy can reconcile these beliefs in his little pea brain. It is obvious to me that he has no idea as to what he truly believes and why he has those beliefs. I have found this to be true in most if not all liberals.

The two posts follow, you decide.

We need to stand for all our people. Just as we stood against slavery and segregation we need to face the problems of today and be prepared to face the problems of tomorrow!

We have to educate our people to stay a step ahead of the world...we have to continue educate our people!

We have to protect our people against fraud and opportunist who feed on the vulnerable!

We have to protect and defend our people and our country...we have to protect and defend our people against disease and infections

We have to provide health care for our people...we have to provide for those who can provide for themselves

We have to guard our people against enemies both foreign & domestic! We have to provide opportunity & insure equality for our people

We have to protect our people...stand up for our people...we have to the land of freedom and opportunity

We are progressing towards a better tomorrow. We have to keep up with the present and stay 10 steps ahead of our enemies!

We need to continue to progress forward! There is no way for the country to go back! There is no need! We need progress...we need to to keep moving forward!

We have to be able to face the challenges of today!

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Happy Independence Day
Sunday, July 4, 2010 at 10:38am
As we celebrate this great day, let us remember those who dug our great well of freedom we so freely drink from. Let us remember those who fought for liberty and justice, let us remember those who fought for the American way of life. Where everyone is equal and free, where women are their own persons with the freedom to wear what they want and go where ever they want, let us remember those who lived and died for the civil rights of African Americans, let us remember those who rebelled against the greatest nation of their time and fought a war they couldn't win and let us remember those who dedicated their life...who risked their life...who sacrificed their life for America.

Happy Birthday & May God Bless America!

Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey Arizona, I Think I have a Plan

Okay, so I.C.E. and D.H.S. says the border is more secure now than ever and that they aren't going to work with Arizona officials to deport the Illegal aliens that are jailed in conjunction with Arizona's new immigration law. The law is to go into effect on the 19th of July barring a stay from the courts.

So, if I.C.E. won't work with Arizona for deportation, I say Jan Brewer should put out a call to all illegal aliens and say that if they will come forward between now and the 19th of July, that the state will purchase for them a Greyhound Bus Ticket to any Sanctuary city in the country with no fear of prosecution by the state of Arizona.

I believe that if she would start broadcasting now and promise a ticket to any "sanctuary city' or back to Mexico, their choice, that most illegal aliens would come forward in lieu of capture and prosecution at a later date.

If these tickets were bought 21 days in advance or if buses were chartered they expense, in my humble opinion would be far less than the drain on the state by letting them stay. A ticket form Phoenix to Portland ME would cost about $128.00 if purchased in advance.

I further believe that if they don't come forward on their own and are caught sometime in the future in the state illegally, that they should be jailed, put on work crews in the fields and made to work for their keep in jail. The pay that they would normally receive from an employer, who would be employing them illegally, should be paid to the state by the person whose field in which they are working.

An added portion of the law, if not already there, should be back breaking, crippling fines to the employers caught employing any illegal alien. Between these fines and the wages paid to the state for the work crews, the costs could be offset.