Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Manufactured Anger", Ya Think?

When you manufacture something, is it not also, "making something? If you followed me to that conclusion, then why not to this one? When the lying, cheating, thieving, conniving, hate spewing politicians in Washington, D.C. continue their walk down the road to tyranny, why would that NOT "make us angry"?

Nancy Pelosi calls it an "astroturf" movement, cites "they're carrying swastikas".

Barbara Boxer
, being the dim witted senator she is, says she " saw clips of people [storming] town hall meetings. The last time I saw [well dressed people] doing this was whel Al GOre asked me to go to Florida when they were recounting the ballots, I was confronted with the [same type of people]. This is all organized, this is planned to hurt our president, to change congress". By the way, I had planned on showing some respect to senator Boxer, but she prefers to be referred to as senator so, so be it. Personally, if I were a Senator, I would prefer "sir" or "mr", I consider the terms "senator" and Congressman" the lowest of low references in today's Washington, D.C. climate. As you wish thou, "Senator Boxer".

Rep Brad Miller(D-NC) 08/05/09
Canipe explained that Miller had no plans for a town hall before and won't be holding any now, due to this event and the examples he's already seen from the around the country: "Our point is, we're not gonna be bullied into having a town hall so it can then be interrupted by the fake grassroots folks."

There are many more quotes, many more references to "manufactured anger", but I think you get the point.

Nobody ever mentions, when speaking of "organized" groups or mobs, how "O" had people who came to his gatherings, when he was still a candidate, give names, numbers, and email addresses to the "organizers" so that he or his mobsters could let everyone know where to be and when to be there for different meetings, for fund raising, for whatever he wanted them there for. Nobody mentions the bussed in acorn goons that went to the store front of AIG to protest. That wasn't "organized" now was it? What about the thugs in Tampa the other evening ripping another guys shirt off, what about the dirt bag SEIU members in St. Louis, beating the heck out of a black man for distributing the wrong kind of merchandise? None of this was "organized? was it?

What the people know, and won't admit, is that we are the majority. Unorganized, unaffiliated, unattached to any real "organization" or group bu certainly UNWILLING to have a health care overhaul jammed down our collective throats.

I find it very funny when driving along thinking about Nancy Pelosi, Babs boxer, Harry Reid and the rest of all the ilk in D.C. cowering in a corner, together, scared, because they know they are screwing up, but they aren't sure if they can ram all their policies through before Nov. 2010. They kn ow we're coming, they know we are relentless, they know they are done screwing up our lives.

Keep up the great work fellow patriots, be polite but firm. Let them have their say, but let them know, that you know, they are liars. ALL of them. We know the "Blue Dogs" are only "Blue Dogs" until they get what they want in the various bills. We know the Republicans are only "Conservatives" until they are wooed by the powers that are, or the thugs at the top.

Remember, they are all liars, they say what they want you to hear. The republicans have jumped on our "conservative movement" to save their asses from ousting in 2010. Don't let them get away with it, go in well versed on each of their voting records for the last 4-6 years, and lambaste them with their own records.

In Closing, God Bless America. Please pray for us, out here in the truck. There is a lot of hatred, but a lot more people every day who align with our thoughts. This 2010 election cycle is the most important in our lives. Let's do it right.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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