Thursday, July 23, 2009

What the Hell is wrong With O'Reilly

Lat night, after the Obama news conference, Bill O'Reilly came on and I, against my better judgment, continued to listen to faux news. I don't listen to O'Reilly, or Hannity, alot just because they wants to give the impression of impartiality when they definitely are not impartial. While O'reilly is somewhat better than Hannity at hiding his views, they do get exposed in most cases. I don't think O'Reilly is near the partisan hack, cool aid drinker that Hannity is though.

My point though is this. Has O'Reilly gone totally nuts or has he developed the same comatose state of mind that most of the rest of America has? He said last night, confusingly to me, that "O"'s intentions in the health care reform are good but he just doesn't know how to convey that to the American people. What? Good intentions? So the idea of encouraging the elderly to choose hospice over extended life care. That's well intended? Might I suggest that the reality is that Obama doesn't want us to understand the bill rather than not know how to present it to us in a way that we can understand it? We're not stupid O'Reilly, we know what the plan is, and what this president wants...Power, full, unblocked, total control over our lives. I, for one am not up for it and I hope O'Reilly wakes his back side up and sees what "O" is really up to.

The other thing O'Reilly said last night was that everyone knows that when the government buys in bulk they can save money, referring to prescription drugs. Oh, really, you mean like the sliced ham and cheese that they over paid for as shown on the government website a few days ago. That kind of bulk purchases. I think we don't need any more purchases like that myself. Come on Bill, wake up pal!! JMHO

On Hannity, well what can I say? He is just a tool, a political, partisan hack. Funny to watch sometimes though.

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The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

I tend to agree, brother. O'Reilly has an Ax to grind and it is with the Media he doesnt like.
He also said that the "Birther" claims are absurd...which I am not completely sure of at this point.

Seriously, Beck, Levin, and don't shoot me for saying it Limbaugh are really the only ones I trust in the media.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

I live at MM18 on EB side of I-44 Honk next time you go by.

Andrew33 said...

It seems as though O-Reilly has no clue what is happening with our pResident. He sure knew how to go after Bush on the economy, but now, Osa...I mean Obama (I get them confused because their actions have had similar effects on America) is in and Bill-O cant see that our pResident is a marxist racist bigot with intentions of destroying this country? I agree with you on Hannity too, although he is right about some things are you really going to take a guy seriously that sports republican rugburns daily? I like alot of the folks lean toward the Becks of the world. At least it seems like he honestly believes what he is saying usually. I don't even watch Obama anymore. I could take a music editing program on my computer and cut and splice snips for Obama's campaign speeches and combine them to do every speech and press conference Obama has done since in office. A growing part of his problem is that those speeches are used up now and as President you have to answer for day-to-day issues and "yes we can" just doesn't cut it anymore.
I'm glad to see people like you that have a real honest assessment of what is happening in this country. Maybe if we can get more people to wake up the can get the train back on the tracks before we have a massive train wreck.