Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Palin's Resignation...Calculated Genius or Political Catastophe?

First, I don't believe she actually cares about her political career one way or another, but to answer the above question I think we have to examine what Sarah Palin has in mind for her future. The problem with that though, is that Ms. Palin and her husband are probably the only two who know what her future plans really are. I do think, however, that if we look at who Sarah Palin is, and who she says she serves we can see a long way into the future, and see what she actually has in mind.

Ms. Palin has always pronounced her Faith in God, Her Love for her Family, and Her dedication to the service of Alaska, and Devotion to Country as her religious, moral and political stance. In my humble opinion, that is just exactly what she has in mind for her future, Just follow me here.

First, her faith in God gives her, her moral, undying, love for her family and her faith in God, and love for her family, make it an obligation for her to devote herself to promoting the principles and values that America was founded upon. Actually, I no more believe you can separate one from the other without destroying the person that she is, than you can separate Christ from the Immaculate Conception without destroying the entire foundation of the Christian Faith.

The MSM just does not understand how anyone could profess to put ANYTHING ahead of politics and fame. The fact of the matter is that the pukes in the MSM that claim to know, know nothing. They know nothing that isn't in their world, and Ms. Palin, and the rest of America are in totally different worlds than the East and West coasts of America, which is where the so call or self proclaimed, Main Stream Media resides.

All the above had to be pointed out, in my opinion, to say this. Sarah Palin is going to do whatever will serve Her Lord, Her Family and Her Country the best...In that order. I believe, Ms Palin will work feverishly to support, promote, and advance the conservative movement the best way she knows how, by being Sarah Palin, and in my eyes, that is absolutely the best way to promote the movement. I mean, who better to speak for what we believe. I can think of no-one. I'm not sure that she will claim to be a 9-12er or a Tea Party Patriot but I am positively sure that she will do her best to support the principles and values of those and many organizations like them and the principles and values of our Founding Fathers.

By the way, whether she decides to run for another office or not, who the hell says that less than 1 full term as Governor of Alaska isn't enough to qualify her for a run for higher office. We have a current President, in Barack Obama, who served less than 1 year of a 6 year term as a dirt bag Senator. Besides jumping form dirt bag Senator to President, he never ran a business, Ms. Palin has, he never worked outside politics, Ms. Palin has, and he attended a church full of hate for 20 years, and surrounded himself with Marxist, and Socialists all his life...Sarah Palin didn't!!!

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow