Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Just WILL NOT Answer a Question the Way it is Asked

I didn't get to see the speech on "Health Insurance Reform" last night, however I did listen to it via XM radio. I really think that is a benefit to me, because I can't see body movement, eye twitches or eyes following the teleprompter, and I can't see or usually can't hear who he "O" is calling on for the next question. I think that takes a lot of possible bias out of my opinion. That being said, what the heck are we doing even contemplating a plan being pushed by a President who we know is willing to do whatever it takes to get his agenda through congress?

Last night, the questions were somewhat more challenging to the President but still rather soft when compared to press conferences of past Presidents. Though the questions were a little tougher, there was no followup. Not sure if that was the reporters or the presidents decision but none the less, no followup.

When asked whether Congress and He would abide by the new health bill, he skirted the question on himself by stating that he had the best health care possible with a doctor following himself at all times. As far as congress goes, the President continued, the health care that they have IS much like the one he is proposing in that there is a pool of providers and they can pick from that pool.

He was then asked, by another "reporter" whether or not and what would the sacrifices in health care be for the average citizen, or will there be health care denied to anyone. His non-answer on this one was, Yes, Americans will have to sacrifice the practice of paying for things that don't work or that don't make them better. My feelings on that answer is, if you're terminal, or if you are old and unproductive, no care for you, go home and die peacefully. In fact, the bill says, the elderly will be forced to undergo end of life counseling on the benefits of hospice as opposed to extended life care. Closer to the end of his non-answer on this question, he changed the question, altogether, to say, so will there be changes i n the way health care is delivered in America, yes, that is what "health Insurance Reform" is all about. Changing the way it is delivered to reduce waste, and expense.

When asked about taxes going up he said he would not stand for the brunt of the cost to be put on the shoulders of the middle class. He would support a tax on folks that make over 1 million dollars. Okay, so let's see, the folks that make over a million dollars are the ones who provide jobs to the "middle class". Assuming he is going to tax the crap out of those folks, it would stand to reason that they won't be able to hire as many middle class workers, so isn't that putting the cost of the "o-care" plan on the shoulders of the "middle Class"?

Finally, in his opening remarks he used some terms and some numbers that concern me just a little, okay, not a little ...a lot! He used the number of 47 million without health insurance. Let's look at that number. We have, using the low number, 12 million illegal aliens living here and abusing our system, we hav, as far as the numbers I have heard batted around about 20 million in transition between jobs who will likely have health care when they go back to work. And lastly, that leaves approximately 15 million without health insurance. Some of which choose not to purchase insurance due to a euphoric feeling of invincibility and the rest will be the ones who are legitimately un or under insured. My question is, why are we forcing everyone into his plan, why not just the ones who want and can't afford insurance?

He also said the economy is fixed, no-one is forecasting, or predicting doom and destruction or a collapse of our financial system. You needn't look any further than the report of U.S. embassies be told to purchase local currencies to see that some in the state department are expecting a financial meltdown. Just check financial sources around the internet to get the truth about the financial stability in this country. The stock market is being manipulated to cause a perception of recovery while freight movement, other than food products, has slowed to a crawl. Fixed my butt. We haven't even hit bottom.

In closing, why have we switch terminology from "Health Care Reform" to "Health Insurance Reform"? I contend that the switch is because the administration has ale=ready told you how bad the evil, rich, poor hating insurance companies continue to molest your wallets unabated. This is just another way of making you believe that it is all about the insurance companies causing the problem when in reality, if the government would get their thieving asses out of the medicare business, costs would come down for everyone.

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