Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Brain is Tired

I am truly sorry for the lack of posting to this site. Please understand that as much as I want to post here, my brain is just tired. I have grown tired of putting forth the effort to provide my opinion. Unlike many other blog sites and web sites that have grown out of the conservative movement in America, I don't just copy and paste or provide opinion on articles from other sites or sources. Mine are mostly opinion on current events.

I will be back. Please continue to check back as often as you can. I am merely resting and trying to get my thoughts together on many fronts.

In the mean time, if you want some good reading, valuable information and a great conservative opinion, please visit I really like this site.

Again, don't give up on me, I am merely resting my pea brain and trying to get it back into shape for the upcoming fights on health care, cap and trade and the 2010 election cycle. Check back when you can and I will be writing, just not as often as I once wrote.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Health Care? Judge Them by Their Works

Usually, when one goes for a job interview, their past is researched to find at what level of performance the person performed. Many things are taken into consideration. Length of employment, at each job prior, job performance, attitude, attendance, pay scale and increases, etc.. that being said, let's have a look at the job performance of our U.S. Government and determine whether or not they should be allowed to control 1/6th of the largest economy on earth.

In 1775 the United States Postal Service was created. It was created to stand on it's own. Money derived from revenue to be reused as operating funds. It is said, on the USPS website, that they get no tax dollars to operate, however stamps go up consistently to cover the red ink of the prior years. 235 years later, not much more efficient than 1775 and still broken. I was always fired when I didn't make money for the company in the current year. I didn't get the next year to cover my rior losses. Where's congress? Still on the horse, runnin' the mail.

In 1935 the Social Security Administration was created to start stealing your tax dollars and redistributing them to the folks who didn't work, wouldn't work, wouldn't work hard enough or couldn't seem to save enough for retirement. This started a, now 75 year old, Ponzi Scheme destined to fail when the retired outnumber those contributing. Today,we are about 7 years from the tipping point. Bernie Madoff went to jail for his job performance. Where's congress? Well, they are still at the helm stealing and spending, frivolously, your tax dollars.

F.D.R. has his place in history, on several occasions, but one of the most famous was Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae was created in 1938, during the Great Depression, to make more available, mortgages, to low-income families during the Great Depression. In 1968, the Government converted Fannie Mae to a private, share-holder owned corporation. In 2008, the government bailed out the "private share holder corporation, fired its ceo's, and now owns about 80% in preferred stock against the, hmmmhmmmm, private share holder corporation. Where's congress? 72 years later they are still running the organization into the ground, guaranteeing mortgages, with your stolen tax dollars, that shouldn't be made, for folks who shouldn't have a mortgage and blaming the problem on conservatism.

In 1964, Congress passed the "Economic Opportunity Act" which culminated from Lyndon B. Johnson's, Jan 8, 1964, State of the Union address. This created the Office of Economic Opportunity to steal and re-distribute, locally, your federal tax dollars to combat poverty. Thus, the War on Poverty was declared. 46 years later, the war is still on, it seems to be expanding to a "Global War on Poverty", and we are still losing the war. Those who won't, continue to want, those who do, continue to contribute to those who want and won't. Where's congress? Stealing more tax dollars from those who work, for those who won't. It seems they have found a way to stay in the peoples employ. They'll just fund the ones that won't, with the stolen tax dollars from those who do.<-(I know mother, I ended that one in a prep. so what?)

Another of Lyndon B Johnson's miscarriages was Medicare and Medicaid for the elderly and indigent.Created in 1965 as part of the Social Security Act, and that started us on a downhill roll headed for...well you know. Today, Medicare and Medicaid, have been expanded over the years to cover, poor, indigent, disabled, unwilling, unable, and it's for the children too, through SCHIP. Where's Congress now? 45 years later, still trying to cover more people with less money and stealing more of your tax dollars for funding these intellectually challenged programs.

A replacement for Fannie Mae was created in 1970 in the form of a younger brother, Freddie Mac. It was destined to fail, and that destiny is reached each year.Where's Congress? 40 years later, still funding, with more of your stolen tax money, and still reaching is destiny of failure.

In 1977, Jimmy Carter birthed, from the many subsequent agencies that followed the Atomic Energy Commission after WWII, the Department of Energy. The real purpose of this, as stated by Jimmy himself, was to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for foreign oil. Where's Congress today? Today, that cabinet level department of the United States Government, consists of about 16000 employees, another 93,100 contractors and about 24 billion dollars in funding from your stolen tax dollars. We are no closer to energy independence today than in 1977, as a matter of fact, we import more oil today than ever, all the while, more oil rich land, and sea floor, is discovered in this country, nearly daily.

In 1979, oh yeah, another Carter abomination, the Department of education was created. The department of education was charged with creating programs to generate funds for education and for the enforcement of privacy and civil rights laws...according to Wikipedia. Now, I'm not sure what the enforcement of privacy and civil rights laws has to do with education so I suppose I'll leave that alone. Where's congress today? Though this is supposedly the smallest of the cabinet level departments, it housed about 5000 full time employees in 2007 and has an annual budget of nearly 63 billion dollars and another 97 billion in funding from the ARRA "American Reinvestment and Recovery Act" of 2009. That's 160 billion dollars for the Department of Education, and in 2008 the United States ranked 21st out of 27 industrialized nations for a graduation rate.

The ARRA, "American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009" 787 billion dollars of stolen tax dollars, was to keep the unemployment rate below 8%. That promise was made by Barak Obama. Today, the government reports an unemployment rate of around 10%, yes 2 full points above the promise. But if that isn't bad enough, the realistic number stands at about 17%, when you include those who have given up looking for work, run out of benefits, are working part time(underemployed), and those that have never looked for work on welfare, homeless etc. Where is Congress? They continue to insist that a 2nd stimulus package is needed, more tax dollars for the needy, from the working. They continue to pump your stolen tax dollars into the unemployment benefits program and all that does is encourage the out of work to stay that way. The unemployed, now, can draw nearly 2 years of benefits, at least they can in Illinois.

Lastly, our, America's unfunded Liabilities total about 112 trillion dollars. Unfunded liabilities are entitlements are entitlement programs that have been promised but aren't yet funded. Would you still have a job if you ran a deficit of 112 trillion dollars over what you had money. I would suggest your job would be in jeopardy.

So why all the afore mentioned failures? Again, when we go for a job interview, our past is researched, when we apply for a Concealed Carry permit, our past is scrutinized, If I, as a Commercial Vehicle Driver, apply for a Hazardous Materials endorsement to be added to my license, I am fingerprinted and a background check is performed by the FBI.

Congress has applied for the job of reforming Health Care in the United States, I have given you here, a brief summary of a minuscule number of the many failures of our United States Government. This summary doesn't even touch on absenteeism, pay, attitude, budget overruns etc.. Are you really considering hiring this bunch of incompetent miscreants to overhaul and administer your health care in America?

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow