Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When will someone in D.C. Get Some Guts

You know, I ride along here, in our truck, while listening to what is misnamed as news and wonder why no-one will stand up and speak out. I mean, money is nice, power can cause great drunkenness, having your name on buildings, streets, colleges, parks, bridges, airports, etc., all that, I'm sure, can be very mesmerizing, but isn't your integrity, your honor, your country and countrymen worth something? Personally, I think it is worth more than all the other, of course I've had none of the other so I can't say one way or another, but I know what I think.

I am just wondering when someone in D.C. will grow a pair, get some guts and stand up on national television, every time they get the opportunity and tell the folks across America how unconstitutional this health care bill, among other things,really is. (I know I just ended a sentence in a preposition, and to my mother, I apologize, sometimes it seems a must, but I digress...). Back to the point here, Who is the federal government, who works for us, the citizens of the United States of America, to tell us that they are mandating health insurance for all? And who the hell do they think they are to tell us we won't be forced to give up the insurance we have? They work for us and they need to know that. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but maybe one, just one, derelict in Washington will stumble upon this and realize that they are selling their souls for 1 quick drink. Hell, I'd bet that WE THE PEOPLE would buy you drinks for the rest of your life if you'd just grow a pair.

By the way, I think Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are the worst representatives in the Senate. These two are the most liberal of the republican party and should not be financed by any conservative or any RNC funds for their re-election bids. I obviously have no say in what the RNC does with their money, since I don't give to parties, but rather to individual candidates, but these to are the reason for that particular choice in my life.

Someone please wake up. Use all the money you have stolen, over time and during your rein as Senator or House Rep, buy a bunch of radio, television and newspaper space and billboard space and tell the folks in America how you have awakened and that the crap Congress is doing is totally unconstitutional and even treasonous to the United States of America. My guess is that it will come back to you 10 fold and you will definitely be a better person, if not a more monetarily wealthy person for your truthfulness. Oh it will probably cost you a lot of clout in congress, maybe even your seat, but you will have "WE THE PEOPLE" behind you. Don't believe me? Look at Joe Wilson. Of course Joe got in trouble for what he done and appears to have his tail between his legs in retreat now. STAND UP!!

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admin said...

I believe there are still some really good people in Washington, like Congressman Steve King.

There are many who have become corrupted professional politicians, who have lost touch with the very people who have voted them into office. And still those people are often the fools who believe all the lies being spewed out of the mouths of those who will tell them anything the polls say the people want to hear.