Thursday, October 15, 2009

Republican Party has Identified a Villian for 2010 Elections

Did I hear this correctly? Did I hear the news, or what is called the news, say that the RNC had Identified a "Villain" for the 2010 midterm elections? Nancy Pelosi has been tagged as "you're it" by the Republican National Committee and Michael Steele. Michael, wake up pal, we(America) do not want or need a villain, we want and need a hero, someone to look up to not to villainize. We have plenty of villains in D.C., just pick one of any 536 plus all the aids and staff. There is no shortage of people to attack, let's pick someone, just one, on which we can build America and stop trying to destroy people. They are doing a good enough job of destruction themselves... Aren't they?

Okay, look, I guess I am going to get myself in trouble here but Michael Steele is an idiot. I would guess that the only reason Michael Steele was picked or "chosen" to head the RNC was so that the Republican Party cool aid drinkers could say that they aren't racists. They can say look, we're not racists, we have a black man leading our party too.

Michael Steele was one of the few black men who was a registered Republican so he can be called a conservative yet liberal enough for the party to accept. If they really wanted a conservative black person to lead the party, why not go after Charles Payne from Fox news or Condolezza Rice?

Why? Because they are too conservative, that isn't what the party wants. The party wants to move left with the perception of conservatism. You see, they believe if they call themselves conservatives, and attach that to the Republican party, with a black man at the helm, all the cool aid drinkers will follow.

Guess what RNC, it ain't gonna happen. Not this time. We will not be made to believe that liberal lite is better than liberal. If we continue to pick between the lesser of two evils, evil still wins. Not this time. Michael Steele needs to resign and we need to, if we want to save the Republican Party, put a true conservative in charge. Black, red, white, yellow, or purple, I don't care, just a true conservative. That is if the party is to be saved.

Personally, I couldn't care less, I am not registered as a Republican so you all do what you want, and I'll do the same. Just please stop calling yourselves conservatives and associating that with Republicans. Most of us "Conservatives" left the "Republicans" long ago.

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