Thursday, October 15, 2009

"O" on Another Campaign Tour and Vote Purchasing Extravaganza

Today, "O" is going to visit the hurricane ravaged New Orleans then it is off to a DNC fund raiser in San Francisco, CA. This is 4 years, and a full administration, after the original hurricane Katrina devastated the flood stricken area. I suppose it isn't a bad idea for "O" top visit the area, make sure repairs and reconstruction are going as planned, but why only after 4 years, 9 months into his presidential rein, and never during his time as a caring, powerful Senator or Acorn attorney or even community organizer. Makes you say hmmm, doesn't it?

Oh and then it is off to San Francisco, CA to a DNC fundraiser, on your taxpayer dime. While folks in this country are hungry, homeless, jobless and mad as hell about this out of control government forcing health care reform, auto, bank, and financial institution bailouts,and a non-stimulating stimulus package down our collective throats, this administration is still campaign mode. Wait there's more, we have soldiers in Afghanistan dying because this indecisive, imbecilic, boob running off to the SFO Bay area to do some more campaigning for future elections, both his and his congressional cronies.

As if that isn't enough, now "O" is pushing for a 13 billion dollar infusion to Social Security for payments to recipients of the entitlement slavery inducing, monthly payment, to make up for them not receiving a cost of living increase for the year. What the hell is that? Of course there is no cost of living increase, their cost of living has gone down. Inflation, which is what the cost of living increase is based upon, is negative. Why the hell would you get a cost of living increase when your cost of living has decreased? I submit, to purchase your vote. This way, "O" can say, well, you didn't have a raise coming but we helped you, we cared enough to recognize your hardships to give you a second $250.00 payment in the second half of my administration. We done that to help. We done that to show our concern.I say, my a%# you did. You did that to purchase, to have something to hold over their heads for their next vote in 2010 so that you can try to keep your majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Please call your Reps and Senators. Please tell them not to pass another money infusion of any kind to anyone or any special interest group. This government is all about buying votes and or paying for votes already delivered. Let your reps know that a vote for another 13 billion dollars to seniors will be another nail in their political coffins. Let them know that if your mother, dad, grandparents or whomever needs another $250.00 to make it through the year that you will be the one to give it to them, just like God, and our founders wanted. WAKE UP, STAND UP, RISE UP, AND SPEAK UP AMERICA. NOW IS THE TIME TO BE SEEN AND HEARD.

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