Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baseball Helmets for Everybody

The more I read stories from every day America, the more I wonder what the heck happened to our personal responsibility. The other day I was riding along listening to the radio and heard, in a short 10 second sound bit, a story about Louisville Slugger being sued. The story caught my ear because I have toured their impressive manufacturing plant in Louisville KY and look forward, someday, to touring their aluminum bat plant in Ontario, CA. All I heard on the radio at that point though, was that the company was being sued in Helena MT. I later looked up the story.

As a very brief summary, the suit alleges that the bat manufacturer knew of the inherent problems with the bat causing the ball to come off the bat too fast. WHAT? Isn't a bat made to hit the ball fast and hard? As I read the story, I just couldn't help but see the grieving family, not know what to do, where to turn, and this ambulance chaser coming along and saying something like, you know, they knew that was bound to happen, you should make them pay. Those evil corporations. They have insurance, that what insurance is for, right? It's Big Bat's fault. Now, I don't know if this is how this suit came about, but I have my feelings about attorney's, for my own reasons, and my mind will likely not be swayed from those feelings.

More to the point though, is this. What's next? Do we sue the Field groomer, for having not groomed the field in such a way to cause a draft to slow the ball, sue the umpire for having not stopped the game for faulty or improper equipment, sue the league for having not required a pitching helmet, sue the ball designer for having designed the ball with the stitching in such a way as to cause serious bodily injury or death. What happens the next time a boxer gets his brains scram?bled by a hard punch? Do we sue the glove manufacturer because he made an 8oz glove available rather than a 12oz glove? Do we sue the winning fighter’s trainer because he taught the guy how to swing with a harder upper?cut than the other fighters? What about the manufacturer of a BBQ grill? Do we sue them because they knew we were going to cook greasy food and cause our arteries to clog? Oh here's one, what if someone buys a cup of coffee, spills it on themselves and then sues because the coffee was hot? Oh wait, that already happened, but you get the point.

To what have we stooped as a nation when we will sue, and allow suit of, a manufaturer of a product that performs as designed, but causes a freak and unintended accident.

This story is truly tragic. I personally can't imagine losing a child. I've don't have any children and some tell me that skews my thought process in these cases. I'm here to tell you that that just isn't true. I care not to elaborate, but suffice to say, loss is something to which I can relate. C’mon people, this has to stop some?where. Grow up, take responsibility for your own actions, and accept the consequences for playing rough or using utinsels that could have unintended consequences.

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Worg said...

I'm curious as to how, exactly, you believe that you're qualified to weigh in on this issue (or any other).

colon ampersand said...

I believe freedom of speech gives me that qualification. I also have the uncommon sense that it seems many Americans and ALL attorney's have lost. Have a good Day sir.

Anonymous said...


I am pretty sure that the right to free speech covers Art's credentials to editorialize on any subject he damn well please write about and if we're going to start checking aptitude as criteria for offering opinion on the days subject, I'd like to to start with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Whoever's from the feminazi brigade--the View. And then we could move right into the sheer wonderment found on the Huffington RAG. Or how about Mike Lupica, better still, Keith Dolbermann--both are mere sports writers.

Suffice it to say, Mr Wayland's right was concecrated with many a blood-stained battlefields and who are you to question that God given right anyhow. Maybe you're thinking Art was a citizen from another country, say Venezuela! I say, Viva La Resitance!

I (a Veteran) am proud of Art and wish many more like him would find the type courage to share their (conservative) point of view in much the same way.

It's a well known fact that the periodical that gave spark to the raging fire that came to be as the War of Independence (The REAL Revolution) was written by a wee-commoner. A freeman & Scot who left the clutches of Europe for what he thought was the freedom found in America. That man's name was Thomas Paine and the letter he came to write and offer amongst his brethren for free was called, "Common Sense."

Art, good read. An interesting point, maybe worth exploring, would be to find out how much money tax payers spend on OUR courts having to waste time hearing such frivulous law suits--which are clearly defensable by the same freedom of speech I noted above... regardless of anothers feeling being hurt.

Being raised in Syracuse, our original mascot was the "Saltine Warrior." Lacking a backbone, the university changed it back in the 60s or 70s for the same politcally correct reason which now lay the military in harms way (RE Hasan)and renamed the mascot to (a clearly less offensive name), "The Orangemen."

Now I live in DC, where the Red Skins have been in court the last several years fighting Natives to keep their name. The Skins won their case. In the midst of the decision the Native Rep said that they had already prepared another suit to file attacking the law under another technicality.

How much was spent, multiply how many cases per year, mulitply how the number of states. I am sure the final number might help pay for some illegal aliens breast augmentation! ;)

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