Thursday, October 15, 2009

Limbaugh "Rammed" out of Consortium

After a group of investors came to Rush Limbaugh and asked him to participate on the purchase of the loss besieged, St. Louis Rams, football franchise, the same group asked him to resign from the consortium and when he refused, he was fired. Amid a firestorm of hate filled, racist accusations of racism, the consortium folded like a cheap card table and demanded Rush step back and step down form the group.

Let us not forget that the consortium was forewarned of the attacks that were to follow and their response was that they were ready for the criticism. Let us not forget that they came to Rush, not the other way around. And, let us not forget that all of the accusations of racism were false and inflammatory, produced mostly by racists, themselves. The only remark that could be produced by the race baitors was that Donovan McNabb was only a great quarterback because the press wanted a black man to succeed. Kind of like our President...but I digress. The fact of the matter is, that I had said the same thing only a few weeks before Limbaugh verbalized the same thought, on national television. Really, about that, I see nothing racist. Inflamatory? Controversial? Maybe. Definately not racist.

I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh, mostly because I haven't found him on XM yet, but I like the guy. I think he says what he means, and believes everything he says. I know that he is a great football fan, and fan of the amazing athletes that make the game great. I am also not a Rams fan. So I really have no dog in this fight except to say that I am tired of the politically charged, race baiting, comments from the left.

My gripe here, is not really that they forced Rush out, but that if the tables were turned and Jackson or Sharpton were to join a group ti purchase the same franchise, that they would be ushered in like a prom queen or like the first, incompetent, black, American President. Not to mention, if there were any descent, from anyone, in or out of the NFL arena, those dissenters would be the racists, not Sharpton or Jackson. These two, so called reverends, have done more to divide America and made more racist remarks than David Duke, but then again, they're black, they can't be racists. Right?

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