Monday, June 22, 2009

On Glenn Beck's Common Sense.

I purchased Glenn's book the other day and honestly I figured it would be just another of his rants making "non-specific" accusations. Man was I wrong. While I do believe that a few more "republican's" could have been called out by name in the book, I also think he done a very good job of nailing whoever he named directly too the wall.

Quite frankly, I didn't believe he would be nearly as overt about the "call to action" as he was and it was actually a pleasant surprise to see those words in print.

I also think it too bad that mostly only his listeners will read the book. I and another of my friends have bought 12 copies each and are in the process of passing them to the most unlikely readers we can find. I think it is too bad that the cover of the book can't be removed so that the prejudice against the writer would be extinguished and the book seen for what it really is, an enlightening to an "out of control government".

For what it's worth, good job Glenn. The call to action has re-kindled my burning desire to take back our country form an "out of control government" on the verge of tyranny.

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