Tuesday, June 30, 2009

9.12.09 Taxpayer Protest

I found today, while searching the many different "912 movement" web sites a site called I am so glad that someone took up the mantle and moved this project forward beyond just venting on the original "" site.

My wife and I registered for the gathering on 9-12-09 in DC and are excited about going. We will be driving our truck to the protest, or at least as close to the protest as we can get it and hope to have the wrap on it by then.

I took liberties with their front page and downloaded the logo flier/logo and made fliers to hand out and hang up at all our stops between now and the time of the event.

I will, in the future, be posting more here about the protest so say tuned and go sign up now. We need as many folks there as we can get. Hopefully the July 4th protest will act as a primer for that event as well.

In God I trust
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