Monday, June 29, 2009

The 8 Turncoats...Voluntary Traitors or Blackmailed into Oblivion

Please understand that this is merely a hypothesis but certainly a possibility considering the phone calls received by their offices in opposition of H.R.2454 before they voted, and the unrelenting retribution they'll surely suffer for those yes votes.

I just wonder if the Democratic leadership, (I use the term "leadership" with great hesitation), has pictures of these folks with goats, emails from their computers to and or from abhorrent love affairs outside their marriages, or irrefutable evidence of other incomprehensible behavior. I can think of no other LOGICAL reason for such an irresponsible vote.

I mean look, the liberals are known to be, and are even expected to vote irresponsibly but these folks are supposed to be conservative Republicans. Not only did they vote yes on this bill, but they obviously hadn't read the 1300 page monstrosity nor had they even thought of the possible ramifications of the most sweeping tax legislation ever to hit the American citizens.

The only reasoning I can think of is that they were afraid of having some very, very, bad and or embarrassing news and or photographs exposed if they didn't do as told. Surely to goodness no one could vote yes on legislation like this thinking honestly that it would be good for the American Republic. That leaves but two possibilities, the aforementioned and...treason.

My worry is what's next, health care, gun control, another pork laden stimulus product, who knows but will these folks get some backbone, or maybe dig up a little integrity before the next vote. Will these 8 traitors decide that rather than destroy this Republic any further, rather than tighten the binding chains of tyranny on their constituents any tighter, that they will take the lumps due them for any wrongdoing that the Democratic leadership may be holding over their heads?

I think not, but I digress...
I speculate, you decide.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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