Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama's Measured Silence on Iran...Deafening or Deliberate?

Far be it from me to second guess the decisions made by the President, but I am willing to guess at what the implications of those decisions may be. The President's silence on the political eruption in Iran is one decision that has this writer wondering. As I see it there are two or maybe three possibilities for his relative silence on the issue.

First, He and his administration have decided it best, just like he said, to stay out of it for the most part so as not to be used as a foil in the situation by those in charge. He just doesn't want to give them a reason to blame the United States for the unrest in their country. I mean, if we are seen as an instigator and a lot of Iranians end up dying, as I predict will happen, and the current regime' stays in charge, also as I see happening, then we...The United States, are seen by the people of that country as the cause of the deaths and we are seen by that regime' as instigators and they won't be as likely, in B.O.'s opinion, to come to the table in future negotiations.

Or..., He doesn't want to instigate the uprising any further than he has because he knows that he won't be willing to stand behind those that are revolting. Whether he doesn't want them to succeed or just doesn't want to get involved with helping to put another country back together, who knows, but in my humble opinion, if we aren't going to stand with them through the entire fight and help them when it get's tough then we sure shouldn't encourage a bunch of dissidents to risk life and limb. Certainly though, if we are willing to stand with them in the name of freedom they should know that as well.

Or..., and what I believe may be at the real root of the silence is a "deliberately pointed response" What if Obama sees what is happening there as a prelude to what is coming here. What if his pointed response is just that. He sees the unrest in this country at a near boil and doesn't want to be too terribly harsh on the regime' in Iran because he doesn't know what he may have to do to quash the unrest, revolt, uprising, dissent, and all around dissatisfaction in his own country. He just may not want to be seen as a hypocrite for doing here what they are doing there to silence the distrust.

You have to decide for yourself what you think, I am just here to offer possibilities and opinions. I will tell you though that we are at a boiling point in this country. I see the distrust of this government at an unbelievable high right now and quite honestly I'm not sure why people aren't already marching in the streets. I can assure you though that the time is near in this country for an uprising of astronomical proportions. My wife and I travel an average of 20000 miles per month in the lower 48 states and everywhere we go there is total dissatisfaction. The time is very, very near. I can only pray for peaceful protests rather than a bloody revolt. Whatever happens, God Bless our Great Country.

I just want to know who is doing the "poling" in this country and who the "polers" are calling. I mean...I'm just sayin'.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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