Friday, June 26, 2009

Is The Media Culpable?

Is the media culpable in the passage of the cap and tax bill that passed the house today? The short answer, I believe,is Yes. In the immortal words of John Kerry..."I Believe", the media, in their non-coverage of the issue is absolutely complicit if not culpable.

The endless coverage of the death of Michael Jackson has kept the issue of cap and trade on the back burner. The media can now say, "but this is what the sheeple wanted", "no, really, look at our ratings".

The fact of the matter is, in my humble opinion, that the msm has a duty, if not an obligation to keep us informed. Now I realize that money matters but I also know that the citizens have to be informed to be able to make a difference. We have all kinds of options for "media" but even the folks that do stay somewhat engaged are relatively lazy when it comes to acquiring information. We need to be "fed" rather than having to "hunt". The unfortunate thing is that the media, congress, the president, and anyone else involved in policy making know what to put in the news, when to drop it and when not to make a newsworthy drop.

If you think that isn't the case, how many people are aware that 5 more banks were taken over by the fed this past Friday night? Again, newsworthy information dropped after the close of business on Friday night. The news gets buried in the weekend papers over the weekend and it then is never mentioned again. The politicians have become masters at using this technique.

My point is that if the msm were doing their job as "investigative reporters" and acting as the "fourth branch" of government like they lay claim to then the slime ball politicians couldn't get away with this practice. For me, I'll continue to stay attuned to the happenings around me and to the actions of our greasy, slime ball, gutter snipe politicians by doing my due diligence, reading, and listening to every one who is talking...liberal OR conservative.

I guess in summation, the real problem is Ignorance and Apathy...I don't know and I don't care.

In God I Trust
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