Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama is a Troop Killer

Obama said going into this Presidency, which he sought, that the Afghanistan war was a war of necessity. He promptly, okay, not so promptly, but he appointed a new General to head up the operations there. HE asked General McChrystal to assess the operations and come up with a strategy to win that war. General McChrystal, true to his nature, done just as was asked of him and came up with a strategy to win and get out. President Obama though, seems to want to second Guess the General that he entrusted with the assignment. He thinks he is smarter about war than a man who has studied war strategy all his life.

Most any police officer or military strategist you hear will always tell you that swift and overwhelming force is what it takes to gain control of most any situation. Just watch around our own country and see how the police forces and first responder garner control over a crowd. Swift and overwhelming force. That type of action shows resolve. It shows you mean business and aren't going to back down but are going to take control. I think this, what this president is doing, the delay of action, the rumored slow steady deployment of 35000 or so troops, the indecisiveness of his actions are treasonous, murderous, and dangerous. I also believe it is demeaning to the troops, I think it is or will cause moral to sink. I mean, why fight if you know the heart and soul of your Commander in Chief isn't one with the mission and with those you are putting in harms way to carry out the mission.

I am of the opinion that if you hire someone to do a job, you generally have trust in the ability of the person you hire. I am also of the very strong opinion that if you are going to fight a war, give the men that are doing the fighting everything they need to win, And let them go to work...killing the bad guys.
All the above being true, why in the world would you take 90+ days to make a decision based on intelligence that tells you troops are and will die if not acted upon quickly?

One reason is because this President is obviously an appeaser. Another, and more likely reason, might be because he hates the troops and for what they stand. He also wants out of Afghanistan. He wants to fulfill his promise to his leftist base. I think he is killing the troops on purpose. I think he is allowing them to be killed so that America will grow more and more weary of the war and just demand we remove our young men and all costs.

I think the President might just as well pick up a gun and start shooting the troops himself. I believe he is that culpable. The problem with that though, is that his hatred towards the military would be far too obvious.

This man is Dangerous for America. Bowing to foreign leaders, cowtowing to the U.N.. Treating terrorists as common criminals rather than terrorists. Jumping to conclusions when it is time to spend trillions of dollars to usurp our liberties but not when it comes time for swift and absolute justice against a known enemy combatant. Jumping to conclusions when it comes time to condemn a police officer for doing his or her job but not to condemn a terrorist to the same resolution.

Murderer, troop killer, treasonous, I think so. We shall see tomorrow night, what the resolve of this president is on this war. We shall see how determined he might be to win. We shall see if he is resolute in his promise to win in Afghanistan. What we shall not see are the faces and names of the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors who have died since august 30 when McChrystal submitted his report. I'll also bet we won't see the names of those who died on Thanksgiving day while the "O"'s were celebrating and attending the Basketball game, Where Mrs. "O"'s brother was coaching, rather than a dinner with some of the troops.

God help our young men and women that he continues to place in harms way. Let's just hope that one of them don't give a terrorist a bloody nose. I mean...I'm just sayin'.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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