Monday, November 2, 2009

No Honor Among Thieves

Okay, so where's Newt now? I just wonder how in the world he will ever be able to explain away the fact that he endorsed a liberal running as a Republican, who was also back by an Acorn affiliate.

I have never been a real big fan of Gingrich's, but for him to back a liberal like Scozzafava, just because that is who "the local party leaders" picked, I think is pretty close to being on the fringe of loving the party more than the cause, well, that is unless the cause has become Newt.

I also find it amazingly interesting that Newt hasn't been heard from, verbally. Well, I mean that he has had no verbal comment whatsoever about what has transpired in the last few days, since being stabbed in the back. Gingrich endorses Scozzafava, Acorn endorses Scozzafava, Scozzafava couldn't muster the votes, even with those two fantastic endorsements, so she withdraws from the race and she, yes Scozzafava, endorses the only slightly more liberal Democrat rather than supporting the conservative, Doug Hoffman.

Newt has since came out for Doug Hoffman, who I think should ask Gingrich to remove or redact his endorsement, and Newt has slammed Scozzafava, as if the original endorsement never even took place. There is no mention on Gingrich's web site that he had first endorsed Scozzafava and then Hoffman, just that he is endorsing Hoffman. The scathing comments there at that link are pretty telling as to how the people feel about being stabbed in the back by Gingrich. All I can say is look out Mr. Hoffman, my guess is that he will slam you at his earliest convenience, for having not agreed with him, on any given issue, after he endorsed you. No honor among thieves. Just none.

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