Sunday, November 8, 2009

Don't Rush to Conclusions But the Debate Is Over and We Must Act Quickly!!!!

I find the inconsistencies in this administration, and this Congress, very troubling at times. We mustn't rush to a conclusion while Russia is invading one of our closest allies, who is Georgia, but we must vote immediately on a 787 billion dollar stimulus plan or the world will come crashing down around our heads. I realize that "O" wasn't our President when Russia invaded Georgia, but he did make a "don't rush to judgment" statement.

We had to act immediately, even so urgently as to stop campaigning and go to Washington to help design, advocate, and vote for the TARP plan, but let's not jump to conclusions when it comes to how to handle the Palestinian/Israel conflicts and while innocent Israelis are being RPG'd at an incredibly rapid pace.

Now let's not rush to an uneducated decision on sending troops to Afghanistan while our troops are dying but we have to act with record speed when it comes to taking over banks, auto manufacturers, the tobacco industry and reforming our regulatory system on Wall street.

We can't rush to judgment when Iran defies every U.N. treaty or resolution that has been passed against them and their nuclear ambitions and while they are sending small arms and bombs into Iraq, again to kill our troops, but we must act NOW on cap and trade, global warming legislation, and the KYOTO Treaty to save the earth and stop global warming, or global climate change, or whatever the flavor of global destruction we have today.

And finally, we can't rush to decisions about a Muslim terrorist killing our young men and women, here, at home, on one of OUR military installations, but we must act right now, there is no time to waste, to spend 1.2+ trillion dollars to usurp our liberties and take over the best health care system in the world and place it under the control of the U.S. Government.

I have a thought here. As if you thought I wouldn't have. As long as the government controls health care, they control who gets health care. As long as they control who gets health care, they can see to it that their lazy, fat a%&, non working, blood sucking voting constituents get the necessary care and avoid caring for those who are less friendly to the administration. I mean, we must act now, right now, to make abortion available to hard working, females who can't afford another baby and make just a little too much to qualify for food stamps but let's give food stamps to the ones who won't work and are staying home with their babies, and continue to pop out kids like a healthy rabbit, they'll vote for our reelection. The more of those we can make, the better our chances of staying in office.

I felt my heart hurt last night when the vote was announced on this health care debacle. We went to Washington in September in mass numbers to let them know that we didn't want this, more folks went again last week on Thursday, still more on Saturday, the House chamber was full of onlookers to see how the debate and impending vote on the bill would go, and still, in an incredible show of arrogance, these power drunk, liberty thieves passed the bill. A bill that was unquestionably rejected by 85+% of Americans. A bill that absolutely robs us of many of our freedoms.

This bill will impose fines of up to $15000.00 if we don't purchase health care insurance at 2.5% of our income and of the policy structure that the government sees fit. If we don't pay the fine we can be imprisoned for up to five years. Now, our prisons are full and bursting at the seems now with drug dealers, illegal alien murderers, and pedophiles. My guess is that since this is a liberal Democrat administration, we will turn loose the "non violent" illegal alien murderers, the pedophiles, and the drug dealers in lieu of imprisonment of the horribly radical, right winged, non fine paying, health care insurance non-purchasers. I mean, who is going to be more friendly to the administration at election time.

I believe this administration, all it's minions, czars, and sheeple, the speaker of the house and Senate Majority Leader are as much a terrorist to our monetary and financial systems, our political structure, our judicial system and our liberties as Freedom Loving Americans as any bomber, shooter, or air plane hijacker that has ever struck the United States of America.

I think NOW is the time to hurry. there is absolutely no time to waste. We must stop these America hating, power drunk, liberty stealing thugs now. This is a true emergency. I think we should all look into recalling our elected officials where our state constitutions provide such a device. Where we aren't afforded that opportunity, I think we must find a way to render them ineffective or powerless. I believe we must research all avenues to stop the terror they are imposing on us as Americans.

Wake up, Stand up, Rise up, and Speak up. Now is the time to be seen and heard America. Above all pray, while we still are allowed, please pray fervently.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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Sally said...

Great synopsis! I pray night and day that more Americans wake up and join our fight to keep the liberties that so many Americans have died and suffered for.
More everyday working Americans need to get involved in their community politics and ensure that the next group we elect are working for us, not against us!!!