Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Glenn's on Vacation...Really?

al bundy Pictures, Images and PhotosI want you to understand that I have unearthed something very disturbing. Please take a moment and look at the two pictures above. The one on the top is Todd Davis, from Life Lock, or so he says. The one on the bottom, we all know as Al Bundy. There is no question in my mind about the identity of Mr. Bundy. We grew up faithfully supporting this shoe salesman turned NO MA'AM founder/activist(National Association of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood). We know Al Bundy.

This is my amazing discovery. My contention is that Todd Davis, Life Lock Founder, is actually a re-invented, re-focused, Al Bundy. I believe that while Glenn was doing his research on Life Lock, before he took them on as a sponsor/advertiser on the program, he found that these two men were one in the same and that Al Bundy, AKA Todd Davis and hereafter referred to as such has kidnapped Glenn to keep him quiet.

After Glenn's unsettling discovery, he went to Davis with his findings and confronted the chameleon. You see Davis had turned from selling shoes and political activism to "identity hawk". You'll see, as you read on, "identity hawk" is not a good thing with Mr. Davis at the helm. Davis' true colors follow.

Davis(Bundy), after the Married with Children cancellation, had to find a source of income. He came up with an amazing plan/skam to rule the earth. He remembered a saying he once heard. "He who controls the money, controls the earth". He found a way to do both. Davis went on a mission, studying the ins and outs of credit, credit reporting agencies, banks, information technology and identity thieves. he studied for years about how these thieves were caught, where they went wrong, and what he could do to prevent the same finality.

After many years of study, Bundy applied for another ss# under the name/identity of Todd Davis. He proceeded to promote that number as his ss# and started building a company that was to protect identity theft through the installation of credit blocks, etc. in the credit reporting agencies. He has earned a trust, with his clients, unmatched by the competition. Davis has been slow but methodical with his endeavor and eventual take over.

Glenn, through his relentless research of his sponsors, found this plot and exposed Davis, only to Davis, at this point. Davis had too much time and energy and way too many identities at risk to allow Beck to do a nation wide expose'. Davis kidnapped Beck and has him hidden away in a safe secure location, just like all our identities. After Davis' takeover, it just won't matter anymore, "He who controls the money, controls the world". Davis has several million clients, with hundreds of billions of dollars in credit at stake, he can't possibly allow Beck to get in his way.

It is believed, by this writer, that Davis allowed Beck to hire, train, and place Pat Gray, a long time, close friend of Beck, so that there would be a smooth transition during Beck's absence. It is understood that Beck will be pronounced to have been placed in the loony bin by this administration and that Gray will continue the show in Beck's absence. Beck will never return, Beck will be exterminated and no-one will know any better. Well, no-one but Davis, and I. You see, even Gray, Stu, Dan, Sarah, all the show personnel, his wife, and children will all believe that the government has Beck in an internment camp being repatriated, in actuality, there is no more Glenn Beck.

I ask you to read this tongue in cheek. I needed a break from real stories, from health care burnout, the same old news stories that have dominated the 24 hour news cycle. I am a supporter of and client of Todd Davis' LifeLock Company. I have been a member for several years and choose to remain so. I hope Mr. Davis and Glenn Beck don't take offense to my using their names and personalities in a tale of imagination. I suppose if they decide they don't like it though, they can sue me. You can't get blood from a turnip. Besides, maybe if they sue me, I can get a bailout from the government.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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