Friday, August 14, 2009

We're in The Corner and They Need to Quit Poking

I just don't know why people can't leave well enough alone. Do you remember, growing up, fighting with your brother, you sister or even a friend? You mother or Dad would tell you, yeah, keep it up, it's funny 'till someone gets an eye put out. That's how I feel now. The House Reps., the Senators, and "O" and his goons or thugs, just continue to poke. Poke, poke, poke. Someone needs to tell them, their proverbial eye is on the line here. Their eye being their seat in congress, or their place at the head of the table.

I'll attempt to answer my own question. I contend that they are wanting or looking for something bad to come out of the poking and prodding. What I think they want is for some lunatic to go off. Someone to do something really stupid and off the wall. I won't even make suggestions as to what those crazy or stupid things might be but I think you get the picture. I believe they want that so that they can take the control that they have always wanted. Oh, they'll say they don't want to but that they must. It's for the safety of the country, the children, they'll say, it will be the right and patriotic thing. Like the Patriot Act, it was, for everybody's own good.

I also believe, what they don't understand, is the fact that we are smarter than that. We aren't the left wing loons that they are used to having protest. We are the level headed folks that will absolutely rat out anybody and everybody that we know who even suggests such an act. I think they are prodding, pushing buttons, poking at folks who understand them, far better than they will ever understand, We The People.

I have been so enthused by the outpouring of participation, loud, noisy, sometimes even rude, participation during this congressional recess. I really wish that the protests would be somewhat more civil while the proponents of health care are speaking, to allow free speach to everyone, but I also know that our passion, our anger, and our emotions, are heartfelt and it is very hard, next to impossible, to withhold that passion. I am also very proud of those that have been confronted by the SEIU goons and ACORN zombies. Most, though not all, have had their say and moved on to greener pasture. I know how hard it is to keep you cool, but all have done a great job so far. As a mater of fact, the only violence I have seen, has been when the SEIU thugs pushed around the guy in St. Louis. What a bunch of low life punks.

Anyway, My point is this. Back in April, I posted about what was next, would we keep pouring on the heat to these turncoat politicians after the April 15th rallies or would we diminish to a splattering of a few hundred nut jobs and fade into oblivion. I believe my question was answered. My wish has come true. Not only have we kept up the heat, we have turned it up several notches and added a flame thrower or two. I am so excited about what is happening and what is going to happen in D.C. with the 912 Taxpayer Revolt, I can hardly contain myself. In the words of Chris Mathews "it sends a tingling feeling up my leg". Well, not quite like he had but you get the drift. Anyway, Keep up the heat, We, my wife and I are certainly out here spreading the word up and down the road about the March on D.C on the 12th of September, '09 and the 912 project. See you all in D.C.

In Closing, Mr. and Ms. Politician, thug, Czar, and President, this is true passion, from all walks of American life, in all corners of the country, rich, poor and "Middle Class". These are your voters, your constituency, the people you see reflected in the polls. You know, the polls that you depended so much upon during your campaign for "Hope" and "Change". The polls that now that you are in office you don't put much stock into, because it isn't a true reflection of how America feels. I have news for you folks, the polls indicate EXACTLY how America feels, and you would do yourself well to be admonished by said polls and quit poking at a disgruntled, injured America. We The People will only be poked and prodded, pushed into a corner for so long. Your time is up!!!!!

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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