Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why am I not Pardoned for my Ancestor's Sins?

Assuming the average generation lasts about 21-25 years, No-one in America, has owned a slave, in the true sense of the word, for about 6 generations. 144 years ago, slavery, as defined in the constitution, was abolished by the 13th amendment to the Constitution of the United States. In 1865 that amendment was added to the document held sacred to Americans. The document that has defined us, as a nation, for over 220 years.

My question is this then. Why, no, why the hell are we, as Anglo Americans, still accepting responsibility for our ancestor's transgression against Black Americans from over 144 years ago. Well, guess what, I wasn't alive, my mother or dad, or mother's mother or dad, or their mothers or dads weren't alive during the times of slavery, and I am done taking the blame for such evil behavior.

The current administration has appointed tax cheats(Timother Geithner) to run the I.R.S., self avowed communists(Van Jones) to create "green jobs" whatever those might be, crazy animal rights activists(Cass R. Sunstein) as regulatory Czar, We have a tax cheat(Charles Bernard Rangel) writing the I.R.S. code, Speaker of the House(Nancy Pelosi) calling the C.I.A. liars, South Carolina Governer(Mark Sanford) a cheating husband, Bill Clinton, a cheating President, and the list continues but you see the point.

Why did I name all these folks? Well, they have all committed crimes or misdeeds of some kind. They promptly apologized, and expected immediate forgiveness. What's more, in most cases, they have received that forgiveness in the form of re-election, or our American, "forgive and forget" attitudes. So WHY THE HELL, after 144 years of apologies, legislation, affirmative action, and just plain old basic acceptance of the black Americans, am I still not forgiven for what my ancestors done over 6 generation ago?

Well, guess what, I'm not guilty of slave ownership, or even condoning such abhorrent behavior, and I refuse to be taxed, financially or mentally on those actions for which I had no control. I will not be held accountable for the actions of my ancestors when the current administration, the current House Reps, Senators, Governors, CEO's, Hollywood movie stars, music artists, athletes, etc., aren't, nor will they be, held responsible for what they say or do...TODAY!!! Enough is Enough.

I'm not a racist, most American's aren't racist, and I am done feeling guilty for the racism that was experienced by the black ancestry of America perpetrated by my white ancestors. GET OVER IT, and stop using it for an excuse to take what you want from me, rather than working for what you want.

One more little bit of advise to this administration and it's minions. Stop using or playing the "Race Card". Every time I am called, or someone is called racists, it drives a wedge. We have worked, and worked hard, for years to remove the wedge, to stop racism, and it seems to most of us, who care enough to notice, that many in the media, or those of any stature, want to drive a wedge back into America. I contend that their belief is "divide and conquer". STOP!!

Lastly, I am in the process, the long, dreary, painstaking process, of putting together a new and improved website. As most of you know, I have this site and the Stop The Destruction Of America site. I will, hopefully, be combining the two sites and adding content pertinent to both the transportation industry and to current events involving the destruction and the eventual rebuilding of America. I pray that you will all bear with me as I undertake this endeavor. I have never built a website before and these "blogsites" were my very first attempt at the use of any web based applications. Stay tunes for what I hope is a grand transformation an culmination of my exhausting toils.

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Kudos to you my friend!!! Well said!!! Dugnbec