Friday, September 18, 2009

More Hyprocricy

The hypocrisies within this administration are never ending. All we have to do is use their own words to justify nearly everything that they have railed against about the last administration. Just look at the following statement.

In a paper, written by newly confirmed Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, while at Yale Law School in 2006 Sunstein says Executive power of Presidential beliefs and of those who surround the President should interpret meaning of Federal Law rather than courts. In his own words...

"There is no reason to believe that in the face of statutory ambiguity, the meaning of federal law should be settled by the inclinations and predispositions of federal judges. The outcome should instead depend on the commitments and beliefs of the President and those who operate under him," argued Sunstein.

So, let's see, what if the last administrations justification for their policies and procedures had been the same. The President decides the meaning of Federal Laws. Well, would water boarding of terrorists be legal? Would Eric Holder NOT be allowed to investigate "harsh interrogation techniques" by the CIA? Would the ACLU not have been allowed to sue over NSA wire tapping? Would any of the sealed documents concerning the Iraq war ever have been ordered opened? What about the pictures of detainee so called abuse? Would they ever have been forced to be released? Where would the secrecy stop? what could be possible if the President or his thug like Czars were able to interpret Federal law? Scary, huh?

My guess is that if this was allowed, there would be no dissent, or ridicule of the administration at all. I'd bet that that would be deemed "Hate Speech", and by the way, nearly is already, since if we disagree we are racists. There would be no right to privacy as that would be precluded by the need for search and seizure to assure safety of the public and or the administration. Right to bear arms? I don't think so, these right winged nut jobs might just want to take over the government and cause anarchy throughout the country, killing and maiming all women and children along the way. Just look at the way they acted in 1978. Killing mayors and gays and the like, oh wait, those were Democrats/communists, so that would be okay, I guess. On and on and on it goes with no limit on justification for seizure of control of our entire life and way thereof.

This President, and many who surround him, are power drunk. I know this sounds nutty, but I believe they want to take control of every bit of our freedom. I have heard the statement that "without government, there can be no true freedom" I disagree, I think without the "PROPER' government there can be no true freedom. In or founding days, our Founding Fathers had it right. Government, by the people, for the people. They believed that the protection of our God given rights, our inalienable rights, those rights granted by God, the Father, was the essential job and the only job of the Federal Government. The balance of governmental duties were left to the individual states and the people thereof. I must agree.

We have moved from a Republic to a Democracy, on our way to an Oligarchy(Which, I think is very, very close, by the way.). The ones in control will be the ones in support of the administration in power at the time of the eventual burning of our Constitution. I don't think any of the real power players even care who that is, because they believe that no matter what, they have enough power, money, and influence over all the power players that they will be okay.

Judge Napolitano, from Fox News done an interview the other day with a Congressman and the Congressman was asked, "Is regulation of the health care system by the Federal Government even Constitutional?" the Congressman's answer was appalling. He said, "most of what we do down here isn't Constitutional, we write the laws that we believe the people want and then just let the courts sort it out."

My contention is this...I think that they write the laws, not that they think the people want, but those that they think will grab just a little more of our Constitutional rights or power and hand it to the Federal Government, for the eventual burning of our Constitution in ceremonious style under the guise of "Social Justice".

Wake Up, Stand Up Rise Up, and Speak Up America, Now is the time to be seen and heard. If you continue to sleep, if you continue to wallow in your troubles, to quench your hunger for acceptance by slipping deeper into debt, and chase fame and fortune through you tube films, your freedoms will continue to be usurped and your eventual slavery will creep up on you like the return of Christ. The outcome of both, appears in my eyes, about the same if you continue to focus on you. My prayer is that we ALL wake up, and be sure to let the complicit media and, those power drunk politicians who have taken charge of our Government, know that we are awake and aroused for the defense of our Great Republic.

One last thing, please learn the difference between a Republic and a Democracy, and every time you hear someone refer to "our democracy", correct them in a non demeaning teaching manner. We must change the language to change the argument. Below is a 2 part video to help you help others understand the meaningful difference.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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