Friday, April 17, 2009

Will We Follow Up and Keep Our Promise to Vote Them ALL out

I have to say, I was very encouraged after looking through some of the "blog" coverage and non-msm coverage of the "Tea Parties". The 9/12 website has many video's posted and Michele Malkin done a fantastic job of covering them. I can only hope we can continue the outrage through to the next election(2010).

Much has been made of "Vote them all out", but I must wonder if... a.)Will the outrage still be as pronounced, as prominent as it is at this point by the time we get to Nov 2010. and b.)Will there be an option at every seat opening or at every seat that is open to re-election.

Many good Americans feel compelled to run right now but I wonder if they will follow through? Do they really realize what is involved, how vitriolic the msm can and will be to anyone who opposes them, their agenda, and the President's agenda? Do they kn ow how hard or near impossible it is to get msm coverage for their campaign? Do they know how the system is slanted towards the two party system and how hard it is to get one of the two parties to "nominate" you as their "nominee" if you aren't in line with the agenda of the machine.<. I certainly am not looking to discourage anyone because I plan on voting against any and all incumbents but I think people need to start now if they plan on running in 2010. At least start local campaigning, raising funds, filing paperwork etc.

We all know how the incumbents will fall in line with their constituents when it comes time to vote them out. We know that now, but will we remember it in 2010. Will we remember how they screwed us to the wall< when the time comes? I can only hope. I know that I am here to keep the masses rallied.

I encourage everyone that can or is so inclined to do so to run for some, any election in 2010. Local, county, state, federal, whatever. We must continue to start the change and get it moving. Keep the heat on these jerks in power. Yes power. That is all it is for them. It isn't an office of service to the public but rather a pulpit of power over the public.

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