Thursday, April 16, 2009

About the "Tea Parties"

Okay, so I know that I am going to be pretty much lambasted for these comments but I feel I have to make them anyway. First though, just let me say that I agree 100% with the idea and purpose behind this movement. I believe that 99% of the people that attended were there for all the right reasons. I am a faithful member of this site, a true 9/12'r and a believer in the American spirit of WE THE PEOPLE!!!

I was unable to attend a tea party today. I DID, however, participate in the digital tea party emailing everyone in the senate and house. I am an over the road truck driver/owner operator. My wife and I own our truck and run nationwide delivering the freight you all need and use every day. Since we were unable to attend we made a concerted effort to pay very close attention to media coverage from many different venues, radio and internet and many different sources from each. Following is what we feel the mainstream media and the "opposition" to this movement took away from many of the sites of our gatherings and protests. I know I'll regret the next paragraph but here we go. Again, our perception of what we think they thought.

There was a pretty large gathering in San Antonio, TX for a free Ted Nugent concert and a Glenn Beck insider convention. In Atlanta Sean Hanity, the Far right cool-aid and vitriol was flowing abuntantly at a free concert by John Rich, the entertainer and a meet Joe-the-plumber rally. In South Carolina Republican presidential wishful and former Arkansas evangelical Governor hosted a "flat tax" rally in further promotion of future presidential bids. Neal Cavuto was in Sacramento, CA for a bussed in Hollywood conservative meet and great and Greta covered what was obviously a neighborly get together for those few conservatives in our nations capital, (the one place that may have been noticed), who aren't fair weather protesters. There were a few other gatherings around the country, mostly inconsequential, that had a radio personality for followers to fawn over but mostly a mere gathering of fear mongering, haters rallied in small numbers to stir discontent among the masses.

One more time, not what we got out of it, not what we think it was about. Merely what we both believe the opposition will take from it and how the Obamedia will spin it. I am truly sorry if I offend anyone. Certainly not my intentions.

In God I Trust
Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow

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