Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obama's Religion...Not Muslim, Not Buddhism, Definately Not Christian

I suppose to understand one's religion, we must first understand what "Religion" or being "religious" really means. The best definition I can find is in Miriam Webster's online dictionary. Following are the definitions. Just click the words for the definitions.



Many years ago, I remember a preacher preaching a sermon on religion. I remember the point being that to be religious, one only has to do something, anything, including going to church to Worship God, with devotion and or regularity. The point being that anything can be done religiously.

We've all heard sayings or phrases like, "he goes to the bank religiously on Friday evening", or "I take my health supplements religiously".

This word, like many in our vocabulary, has been morphed into things not necessarily intended for it's original meaning. I'm not nor do I intend to imply here that being religious is not a good thing. I believe it depends on what one is religious about and ones goals and beliefs as to whether or not it is a good religion.

More to the point is to figure out what we believe "O"'s religious beliefs are or what "O" is religious about these days. Following is my observation concerning "O"'s religion.

I believe Barack Obama worships at the alter of power. Power being his only god. I further believe that his only religion is politics. Stay with me here. You see, Obama's ride, or vehicle, to power is politics just as Christianity through Jesus Christ is our, or at least is my ride, or vehicle to God which is who's alter at which I worship.

If we watch Obama, we invariably see that his faith depends on to whom he is speaking. When he speaks to the Muslims, it seams that he likes to talk about his deep rooted Muslim back ground from his father's. When he speaks to a Christian audience, he likes to talk about his Christian mother and how his faith is grounded in Christian beliefs. Though I haven't seen, because I refuse to watch all his speeches, I suspect the same is true at speeches in front of Catholics, Jews, Budists, Etc.

Being not sure whether I've made my point, let me say here, Obama is a panderer. He worships at the alter of politics, meaning whichever god is politically expedient to the audience to whom he is speaking. Pandering is politics. That makes politics Obama's only real religion and power his only god.

In God I Trust
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Anonymous said...

Judge not lest you be judged -- Thus sayeth the Lord YOUR God.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Matt 7:1 : Judge not, that ye be not judged. Keep reading and you'll notice this is a reference to judging someone intent-which you can never know the thoughts and intents of the heart.

However, you are supposed to judge actions! Wake up moron! Read 1 Cor 2:15 "But he that is spiritual judgeth all things"

IF IT LOOKS LIKE A SKUNK AND SMELLS LIKE A SKUNK, ITS PROBABLY A SKUNK. Only a Bible rejecting moron would defend the lawmaking body of the US.